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Was sind die Website-Fehler, die Ihr SEO-Ranking beeinflussen können
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It’s not enough to create a new website if you don’t make sure it’s been properly optimized for conversions and SEO. Yes, you read that right. Although a branch of digital marketing, SEO is very closely intertwined with the architecture of your website. Since Google determines your website ranking by how easily and seamlessly the crawlers can crawl and access your website, you need to make sure you don’t make any design mistakes. With 70% of marketers taking advantage of SEO, they can no longer bypass this requirement (impactbnd.com). Most importantly, a poorly designed website can both hinder the user experience and bring your business to its knees. If you don’t want your company to go through something this uncomfortable, we recommend that you Hire the right team to build the website. Proper guidance will not only improve your website, but also give your business a fresh boost. To find out more, read on.

Slow Page Loading Speed Does your website take more than 3 seconds to load? Well, that’s the death knell for your website. You see, in this fast-paced world, customers are way too impatient and want quick answers to their questions. Given the many options out there, they can easily leave your website and visit another website that will give them the relevant answer in a much shorter amount of time. It’s sad because a high bounce rate is likely the last item on any company’s wish list.

Since Google takes page loading speed very seriously, you cannot afford to have users bounce off your website due to the poor user experience due to the slow loading times. In order to impress both Google and your audience, you should fix the malfunction as early as possible. Hire an expert who can design a robust, lightweight website for your business that delivers the ultimate user experience.

Large Media Files and Images – Do you want to flood your website with larger than life images and graphics? From an aesthetic standpoint, that would be great, but when it comes to ease of use, the result can be negative. Remember, image optimization is key if you want conversion to increase on your website. With 66% of customers willing to browse the product images before purchasing, image compression is the only way to achieve this (crazyegg.com).

Whether it is cropping the existing images or removing the redundant ones, you can simply rely on the best website designers in the industry to take care of it. Since they work with different types of tools, resizing images will be a breeze for experienced professionals. Finally, for a reason, we suggest that you hire professional help to have a website built from scratch or to revise the existing one.

Poor Website Navigation – According to a survey conducted by Hubspot, 75% of users think that ease of finding information is the most important thing they consider when using a website. This makes it clear that when it comes to complicated website navigation, you are lagging behind your competitors. So here are some tips for you. Go for the standard horizontal navigation style, create unique labels, choose the mega drop-down menus, tweak your menu items, and add links.

To make sure everything is fine from the start, focus on developing and testing at the same time. Having pre-designs tested allows you to analyze the errors from the user’s point of view. Even the website building experts believe that the designs should be tested as often as possible before coding, as it will save time and money in the long run.

Not being mobile-responsive – If your website is mobile-friendly, Google will reward you with a higher ranking in the SERP. And if it isn’t, you lose your SEO game. It’s that simple. To make your website compatible with multiple devices, we recommend investing in responsive web design. With flexible layouts and media, you can make your website adaptable to all types of screen sizes and resolutions.

It may come as a surprise, but 57% of users think they will not recommend a brand with an unappealing website design (sweor.com) to others. Do you think you can still take it lightly? Not quite. So speak to a UI / UX website designer who can create a responsive and SEO complaintable website that offers a streamlined user experience. If you do it right, you can gain an edge over your competitors and hope to secure top rankings in the SERP.

Bottom Line – To improve your organic reach through SEO, you need to be consistent in your efforts and planning. In the world of SEO, as you can see, there is no such thing as a „set and forget“ rule. But all your efforts can be in vain if you do not pay attention to the structure and elements of your website. Regardless of whether you are creating your Ingolstadt website or revising your current website, let our advice and suggestions in this article guide you. Have you not hired the specialists yet? Contact the management team of the Raidt web service immediately.